Plug-and-Play Champion Sound Kit V2


*NEW* Champion Sound Kit V2 now includes in hilt recharge, and force feedback vibration. The new force feedback vibration feature simulates the subtle vibration of a real energy blade.

The SaberCore 2.0 is a very loud soundboard capable of fully driving our 12w+ LEDs, it comes with 10 clash effects, 10 swing effects, power on, power off, idle hum, and an auxiliary effect. The SaberCore 2.0 has an intuitive voice menu you enter by holding the switch down for 4 seconds when the saber is off. Sensitivities are adjustable from 1 up to 9. It has an adjustable blade flicker or steady on.

This SaberCore 2.0 is available in Viridium light side font with blaster bolt deflect auxiliary, or Crimson dark side font with force lightning blade lock up auxiliary.


This plug and play Champion Sound Kit V2 includes:

-SaberCore 2.0 Soundboard with adjustable settings and voice menu

-3400mah battery

-In hilt recharge with recharge port, kill key, and an ultra fast 3A smart charger

-4w high bass neodymium speaker

-Realistic force feedback vibration via internal vibration motor

-Pre wired connectors for connecting switch, recharge port, and LED


*Plug & Play LED and Momentary Switch are not included with this kit*

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